The first signs of autism in a baby

Do you find your child’s behavior unusual? He may be autistic … Here are the main signs of autism that should alert you:

  1. Your child does not answer his first name (which he usually does around 9 months) and you have ever wondered if he is deaf.
  2. Eye contact is difficult, your baby does not look you in the eye. He doesn’t extend his arms to you, doesn’t smile, doesn’t like physical contact. You get the impression that there are no exchanges and no fun.
  3. Your child’s communication gestures are rare: he does not wave goodbye with his hand, does not send a kiss, does not react when you are playing hide and seek.
  4. He does not point his finger at the objects he covets (around 18 months).
  5. He doesn’t seem interested in other babies and children, but he is fascinated by objects. He spins them around, tirelessly fills them …
  6. He does not imitate you (2nd grade). For example, he doesn’t roll a toy car like mum showed him – but watches its wheels carefully and turns them with his finger; he doesn’t pretend he’s on the phone like daddy either.

If you have any doubts, contact a pediatrician if you do not go to an autism center. We don’t really have any in Cameroon yet.

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