Autism symptoms: ‘Early assessment crucial’ – the early warning sign found in the eyes

AUTISM can cause people to act in a different way to others. Signs can differ based on the age of the child, and one early sign can be found in the eyes. GMB: Chris Packham opens up on his autism diagnosis When it comes to autism diagnosis, early assessment and intervention are “crucial” for a child’s long-term success, National Autism Center reports. Signs in children can manifest in different ways. Here is one warning sign affecting the eyes that parents might be able to spot early. Autism can typically appear during the early years of life, according to the National Autism Center. One early sign in children can be poor eye contact. The tendency to avoid eye contact is one of the early indicators of autism spectrum disorder. The hesitance often persists throughout life, according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information research. READ MORE: The research reports that eye contact difficulties may underlie social cognitive deficits in people with autism. Social cognition describes a set of cognitive processes applied to the recognition, understanding, accurate processing and effective use of social cues in real-world situations. Hesitancy to form eye contact might create significant social and occupational barriers, the research […]

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