5 arguments for educating an autistic child

The schooling of children with autism aims to guarantee the continuity of an educational path adapted to the skills and needs of each pupil.

They favor regular class education;

1- The school must welcome ALL children from 3 years old without distinction (it is in the law)

2- Autistic children can benefit from the help of a personal School Life Assistant who helps them understand the world and interact with others.

3- It is often difficult for autistic people to be permanently in school, but immersing them in the school environment as much as possible is to maximize their chance to discover how their peers react and to adapt their behavior.

4- By being confronted with the ordinary environment, the autistic one will gradually put in place, with the help of the helping and benevolent adult (such as the AVS or the specialized educator) of the strategies to have right away the good ones behaviors at the right time.

5- Confronting socialized children with autistic children, or disabled, sick, etc., it is also preparing them for the difference, bringing them to more tolerance and bringing a message of harmony, equality and fraternity that later will be values ​​that they will have acquired young and will take with them into adulthood. It’s not nothing, that. It is also part of the values ​​of the Republic.

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