The new Autism research challenge

“Autism is an invisible disease that hides behind a child’s face, which looks normal. However, the alarming prevalence, 1 in 100 births, indicates how many people are destroyed, how many families find themselves destroyed by this disease.

After several years of fighting, it begins to appear that we will not find a single treatment for Autism but therapies that will treat certain symptoms, reduce them and make them disappear. As has been the case with other serious illnesses, such as cancer or AIDS, Autism requires men and women to get involved, unite and catalyze their efforts to fight head-on against it. sickness. We have a duty to do what is vital so as not to let Autism destroy millions of people.

Because autism may not kill, but rather slowly kills the person who has it. Autism is a real scourge which destroys the state of health of the person, destroys his family circle, isolates and generates suffering.

Long considered a mental illness, autism is finally recognized as a handicap, but a handicap which separates itself. However, we do not have the right to resign ourselves! We have the means and the skills to fight this disease through Research. We have a duty to energize this collective energy. Patients, patient associations, doctors and researchers must mobilize, move forward together.

Autism research, whether in France or internationally, is progressing and bringing new hope every day. Recent discoveries, melatonin, oxytocin, to name a few, already show that it is possible to reduce suffering and help people with autism to develop. Due to a lack of awareness in society, Autism does not yet have access to the generosity of the French.

Boosting Research is in our hands and in the hands of the researchers in whom we place so much hope. “

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