‘It’s not a disability’: Wisconsin private school’s unique program helps students with ADHD, autism

'It's not a disability': Wisconsin private school's unique program helps students with ADHD, autism

MILWAUKEE — Marquette University and St. Norbert College are the only two colleges in Wisconsin that have programs specifically geared towards helping students with ADHD and/or ASD. ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Experts report more research has begun to show ADHD and ASD, or Autism Spectrum Disorder, often co-exist. On a campus with just more than 11,000 students this year, Marquette University students needing extra support can quickly get lost in the shuffle. Sophomore Ben Jennings has been playing the piano since he was in kindergarten. He also sings and is part of the male a cappella group on campus. It’s impossible to tell upon meeting him that Jennings has autism. “It’s not easy but, that’s what autism essentially is,” Jennings said. “It’s a different way of thinking and I just think a little bit differently than other people.” Ben Jennings’ a cappella group In describing what it’s like to deal with autism, Jennings almost called it a disability. “I caught myself,” he said, chuckling. “Autism isn’t a disability; it’s just a different ability and a different way that people understand things.” Music is his escape. “It’s like a home to me,” he said. Kiontis Gallion, 21, […]

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