Experts Say Rise in U.S. Autism Cases Reflects More Awareness, Better Services

Experts announced Thursday that the rise of autism cases for the United States is reflected from people being more aware of the disorder and better services available to diagnose and treat it, the Associated Press reported. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention analyzed data from autism cases from 2018 from nearly a dozen states across the country. Autism cases in the country have been on the rise for many years. The analysis showed that experts believe the increase in autism cases isn’t that more children are now affected by autism than before, but the increase is from heightened awareness around the disease and better services available for treatment. According to the analysis, in 2016 children at age 8 were diagnosed with autism 1 in 54 times. However, in 2018 the same age group was diagnosed 1 in 44 times. Children by the age of four were 50 percent less likely to be diagnosed with autism in 2014 than in 2018, according to a separate CDC report. “There is some progress being made and the earlier kids get identified, the earlier they can access services that they might need to improve their developmental outcome,” said Kelly Shaw, a co-author […]

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