ENMU Graduate Student’s ’10 Things Faculty Need to Understand About Autism’ Article Published by Inside Higher Ed

ENMU Graduate Student's '10 Things Faculty Need to Understand About Autism' Article Published by Inside Higher Ed

Maggie Coughlin Maggie Coughlin, a communication graduate student at Eastern New Mexico University, recently had an article titled ” 10 Things Faculty Need to Understand About Autism ” published by Inside Higher Ed. The Greyhound discusses the research process for the article, professors who have served as mentors and more with the ENMU News. What inspired your article? What was your creative and research process? What was the publishing process? The world – and higher ed in particular – doesn’t hear enough about autism from the inside – from people who are, as we say on social media, #ActuallyAutistic. As someone who is on the spectrum and has also been on both sides of the classroom – and on the staff side too, for that matter – I’m in a unique position to help educate faculty, staff, neurotypical students and others about what learning is like when you’re autistic as well as the ways we need support and understanding. Frankly, I just sat down and wrote the article, proofread it and pitched it. I’ve published several hundred articles over the years, so that part was easy. Inside Higher Ed accepted the submission and that was that. What does it […]

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